Interstellar CEO Jeff Plate Addresses MIT Sloan Business School Student Led New Space Age Conference in Boston on Space Mining Economics

Boston, MA, USA – Interstellar Mining was pleased that its CEO, Jeff Plate spoke on a panel of leading experts on Cislunar Economics at the student led MIT Sloan Business School New Space Conference in Boston on April 6, 2026.  Jeff is a World recognized expert on prospecting, exploration and mining of space resources along with the economics and financial aspects.

“One of the key focuses of my talk was stressing the risk elements of lunar mining, noting that we specialize as a firm in de-risking projects to allow investors more comfort in providing capital to this emerging sector”, stated Jeff Plate after the conference.  “As the Moon evolves from a frontier market to the new emerging place to invest, Interstellar Mining remains open to new investment as the leading space mining company; a company made up of mining professionals”.

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