Toronto, Canada — Interstellar Mining Inc. is pleased to join the global space mining community the week of April 19-22nd, 2021 at Virtual Space Resource Week hosted in Luxembourg by the Luxembourg Space Agency, European Space Agency, and Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology. 

Interstellar’ s CEO, Jeff Plate will be guest speaking on how to employ best practices from terrestrial mining regulations for use in space. 

“The history of responsible mining regulation on Earth has many learnings that can be applied when it comes to negotiating a new treaty on the regulation of space mining activities.  Many of the requirements of the Artemis Accords can be addressed through such regulation; most prominently the reporting of and warehousing of scientific information for the public good by commercial operators similar to what has been done in Canada” 

Jeff Plate

Interstellar Mining will be actively engaged in all the Space Resource Week’s activities and will assist government, academia, and private enterprises in achieving a sustainable and responsible cislunar economy.  The company continues to engage in outreach to potential private investors, many of whom are present at Space Resources Week.  For information about the company or information on how to invest, please contact us directly.

About Space Resources Week

Space Resources Week 2021, organized in Luxembourg, is a 4-day online conference connecting thought leaders from the terrestrial resource sector, aerospace industry, financial institutions, research institutions and academia.  It aims at understanding the technical and economic challenges facing in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) and elaborating recommendations for the future development of this high technology sector.  Organized by the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC), in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), the program of the event will include a series of captivating talks and facilitated discussion sessions on the technologies, business models and next steps that will enable space resources utilization in support of sustained and sustainable human presence on the Moon and beyond.

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